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Ajay Shrivastava - Neel Gems Jaipur

Introducing Mr Ajay Shrivastava who is founder of Neel Gems Jaipur, located Jaipur city. 

Founder Quotes : " When you buy jewelry online, it can be stressful or need to think something more but we have one  solutions for all problems, that Neel Gems offers one of the best return policies for its jewelry.

Tenny Hardy

Many thanks to ajay and ishant at neel gems. Just returned with my 1 carat diamond ring which was beautifully made. Had the ring valued in the USA and it is valued at almost 2 times the purchase price, the jeweler commented on how well the ring was made. 

Yaseen Talub

Revisited to have a ring specially designed, wow what can't I say the result was stunning and out of this world. The service was exceptional and extremely friendly . The first piece of jewellery we had valued back home and it was valued at 4 times the amount paid. I can recommend this jewelry shop.

Manie Yuson

I visited Neel Gems jewellers in August this year. I was made to feel so welcome and the owner took the time to sit with me and explain the rings and gems I was looking at. I decided to have a ring made, the kind and expert manner of the owner made this process a truly wonderful experience, thank you


Neel gems was founded on the Jaipur premise that with the advent of modern jewellery manufacturing quality, it is possible to create a new generation of jewellery to service customers in a better way.


We have only one shop at Jaipur, Raj.


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